Teachers Workshop: Meditation Teaching Method Part I

This teachers workshop shows how to effectively use the meditation teaching method in the classroom. When the Risen Christ appears to Mary Magdalene in the garden she realizes that in some miraculous way, He still lives. We will present a meditation video to help students feel Mary’s emotions so that they, too, may share in her joy. Identifying with Mary’s experience will strengthen the students’ faith at this time in history, when belief in the Resurrection is under fierce assault.

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Classroom Teaching Methods

Classroom Teaching MethodsAs you read through this list of classroom teaching methods, you may recognize some that you use often. But have you named them? Naming elevates awareness of what you are doing. You begin to study your actions. You wonder: “when do I use these teaching methods? How well do they work?”

As we explore each of these methods in detail, you will understand your own methods better and apply them more skillfully. Hopefully, you will add a few more methods to your repertoire. Some of the classroom teaching methods listed here may be new for you. As you learn how and when to use more of them, you will become a better teacher, and your lesson plans will gain more attention from your students. Those who do not like to answer questions may enjoy a story or a film study, while those who like to answer questions may be bored by them.

“Different strokes for different folks” is as true in the classroom as it is in the larger world.

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The Power of Questions

I find crafting good questions to be the hardest part of developing a lesson plan. However, I persevere because I want to see that sparkle of curiosity in the eyes of my students. Captivating questions lead students further into that wondrous world we call the Kingdom of God on Earth.

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