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Teaching The Resurrection Series

Teachers Workshop - The Meditation Teaching Method
Teachers Workshop

Teachers Workshop: Meditation As A Teaching Method
(Part I) Aim: To help teachers acquire an understanding of the dynamics and use of meditation as a teaching method. The classroom lesson plan (Part II) is used to demonstrate the meditation method.  more

Teaching the Resurrection Classroom Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan
Classroom Meditation: Teaching The Resurrection
(Part II) Aim: To strengthen your students’ beliefs in the resurrection of Christ through lecture, Bible study, and a classroom meditation. Includes are Bible stories, lecture material, and question sets. more

Teachers Commentary - How the Resurrection Helps Me
Resurrection Commentary
Commentary: How the Resurrection Helps Me
My commentary describes the personal benefits that come from uniting our lives to Christ’s risen life. Here teachers will find more ideas on how to help their students decide to join their lives to Christ. more

Easter Audiovisual Materials
Audiovisual Material

Meditation: Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene
(Part III) An Easter meditation kit presents the moment when Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection. Download HD video or original drawings set to the lyrics of the hymn In the Garden (for classroom & ministry use only).

Call of Matthew Classroom Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan

Choral Speaking: The Call Of Matthew
Choral speaking is fun and effective in the classroom because it combines activities students enjoy. The emotional expression in the Call Of Matthew classroom lesson makes the people of the Bible come alive!  more

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